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Pricing Structure




Domestic cleaning:

From £8.00 per hour .

Minimum visit time 4 hours (weekly/bi weekly/monthly) or 2 x 2 hours a week.


Premium Domestic Cleaning Service:

£12.00 per hour .

Minimum visit time 4 hours (weekly/bi weekly/monthly) or 2 x 2 hours a week or 5 x 1 hour a week…

Customers are entitled to a credit period of 30 days after using the service for 90 days plus annual free cleaning of carpets and hard flooring.

Whatever your office cleaning needs are, please call us for a quick chat. We also aim to tailor our services according to individual needs and at a price that will suit your budget.


Ironing Services:

From £8.50 per hour.

Minimum visit time 4 hours (weekly/bi weekly/monthly) or 2 x 2 hours a week.

As a regular domestic cleaning customer you can combine this service with your domestic cleaning tasks at no extra charge subject to availability. Please call us to have a chat.


Spring Cleaning:

£13.00 per hour.

Minimum visit time 5 hours (cost of £65.00)

Hourly rate reduces as time and frequency increases.

The process of deep cleaning is different from the standard clean. If you are not sure, please invite us for a site visit. We will be happy to visit you to tailor your cleaning needs and achieve the best service suited for you.


End Of Tenancy - move out/move in service:

£12.50 per hour.

Minimum visit time 5 hours (cost of £62.50)

Our End of Tenancy Cleaning can be charged at hourly rate to suit individual needs. Please contact us for a quote. There is a minimum time requirement for type and size of property.

Call us for a quick chat, as we always aim to tailor our services according to individual needs.


After Builders Cleans:

We do not charge by the hour but instead for completing a pre-agreed list of requirements.  This is to ensure you stay within budget and do not incur any additional charges during the clean…

To give you an idea of what you might expect to pay, here are two examples

Studio flat full end-of-tenancy clean - including appliances, internal windows and carpet cleaning £100.

Studio flat builders clean - including all fitted units, flooring and windows - £80.00.

We have a minimum spend of £80.00.

All prices quoted above are for standard size properties. The prices are subject to change depending on condition of your property and the task to be carried out. For houses price will increase by £20.




Office/Commercial/School/Communal Areas/Pubs and Clubs Cleaning:

Starter rate is £9.50 an hour for a minimum of 4 hours per month.

Hourly rate reduces as time and frequency increases.

The average rate on our office contracts is currently £8.55 per hour.

The minimum contract is 6 months with early payment discounts or extended credit terms applied for contracts running for 12 months or more.

Please note:  for all our commercial contracts valued at £100 or more a month we offer a "budget beater" option.  If your company wants "green cleaning" but has a budget it needs to bring its services in at, we can analyse your requirements and specify what cleaning can be done and when, for that budget.


Specialist Cleaning


Carpet Cleaning:

We have a minimum cost of £60.00.

To give an idea this would clean a one bedroom flat with a hallway or a 500 sq. foot office.

Carpet cleaning is entirely dependent on the size of the rooms and how heavily the carpet is soiled.

We are very competitive and offer discounts on all jobs over £100.


Ceiling Cleaning:

This is very specialist cleaning and costs depends not just on the ceiling but on the number of light fitting, air ducts etc. that need cleaning.  Prices can be as low as £20.00 for an average sized office with an air conditioning unit and 6 sets of reflector lights.


Window Cleaning:

If incorporated as part of general office/building cleaning, prices start at £4.50 for 6 windows.

Stand-alone contracts start at £20.00.


Computer Cleaning:

As part of an office contract prices start at £2.00 a computer and keyboard.

Stand-alone contracts start at £20.00


 Air Purification:

Units start from £50.00.


Additional Services: Prices Start From:

Bathroom: £50

Kitchen From: £65 – £100

Oven (Single): £65

Single Bedroom : £14

Double Bedroom: £20

Living Room: £25

Dining Room: £20

Conservatory From: £35 -£75


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Call us on 0141 374 2416 for all your cleaning needs or book a cleaner here For quotes go here.
Remember to check our FAQs which will answer most of your questions.


There is a minimum requirement of one month service term and a one month cancellation notice period for all weekly and fortnightly cleaning services. 

Please read our T&C to make sure your happy with the service terms.


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